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Hostname with path


Our TeamCity instance is hosted at "https://[server]:[port]/TeamCity" - the current CreateUri() does not respect the hostname having a Path portion of the uri unless you terminate the hostname with a trailing "/". Similarly, when you are appending the "httpAuth/..." portions you are including a leading "/" which will then always replace the entire Path portion.

eg: Hostname = https://[server]:[port]/TeamCity
When CreateUri() is called with "/httpAuth/something"
The result is https://[server]:[port]/httpAuth/something
but should be https://[server]:[port]/TeamCity/httpAuth/something

I've added this in the patch I've just submitted - basically it auto adds a trailing "/" to the hostname and always strips the leading one from any Path portion passed to CreateUri()
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Patch is integrated in Version 1.2


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Fixed on changeset 9207